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Check "Do A Polar Bear Plunge" off the list

Sunday, February 6, 2011

For years now, I've been adding places to see and things to do to my bucket list.  There are many things that I have done. For instance I've been on Martha Stewart, visited Paris, went kayaking... Then there are many things that I still have to do.  This includes riding a motorcycle, going to the Kentucky Derby and visiting New Orleans (not during Mardi Gras).   My most recent thing to check off the list was "Do A Polar Bear Plunge."

Back on January 16th, my sister, a friend and I braved the frigid Jersey water temperature and took a dip for the LADACIN foundation.

The day started at our beach rental in Manasquan with several of my family members and friends. I read the Philadelphia Monthly recommendations for those planning to do a plunge (wear limited layers, wear aqua socks...).  My sister and I then selected our attire: bathing suits, big hats and our warm and cozy Relax Concierge bathrobes.  We then headed to Leggett's for registration and a few very necessary cocktails.   After a few announcements to kick off the event, a bag piper led the parade of plungers to Main Beach.  

Upon arriving to the beach, we removed our Uggs, took off our bathrobes, hugged my Bernese Mountain Dog and ran on in.

The water was cold. Then again I think the water is cold in July. I was hit by a wave up to shoulder level then decided that it counted as "going in" and ran back to the beach to dry off...

My brilliant sister then suggested we go back in.  We did and had way more fun since we knew what to expect and we also couldn't feel our legs.

Afterwards we then headed back to the house for warm up by the fire and enjoy the chili and homemade soup.

Let's just say that the day didn't go undocumented (besides this blog).  My sister was pictured in the Asbury Park Press and I was quoted in the Monmouth Shore Patch.  The are also tons of pictures.

I highly recommend any plunge if looking for a fun winter activity at the Jersey Shore while also supporting a great causes.

Let's just say I'll be thinking about the plunge on every hazy hot and humid day from here on out.

Next up on the camp in ocean city?

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